2/4/2003 - the Memdoub-2 has sold out, the Memdoub-1 is still available

Jackson Harbor Press is pleased to announce two new kits for doubling the
memory of your Super CMOS III keyer OR your Island Keyer / Island Memory.

The kits are inexpensive, small in size, easy to build/install and are
available now. With the flip of an SPDT switch (supplied by you), you can
select one of two EEPROM memories, which doubles the number of memories
you can use. Your Super CMOS III will now have 12 memories (2 banks of 6).
The Island Keyer / Island Memory will now have 8 memories (2 banks of 4).
This is ideal for the 2 op station or just where you need more memory to
"spread out".

These kits were inspired by an idea from Meyer Minchen, AG5G and are being
produced with his permission. The memory doubling concept will be familiar
to many who purchased a memory anemic computer in the pre-IBM PC days of
personal computing. It was common then to increase the memory in a computer
by "piggybacking" the memory chips (mounting two or more chips one on top
of another and connecting all the pins in parallel except for the chip
select). The Memdoub kits accomplish this in a somewhat more civilized
way. After building the Memdoub circuit board, the user unplugs the
8 pin EEPROM memory from the keyer, inserts that memory into a socket on
the Memdoub circuit board. Finally, a short ribbon cable jumper is
inserted into the keyer EEPROM socket and another socket on the Memdoub
board. No cutting of traces or soldering one chip on top of another is
required. The kits are hardware only - no software change is required.

- all parts included EXCEPT for an SPDT switch and mounting hardware.
- small size - circuit boards are 1.1 x 1.5 inches
- the number of memories is doubled, the size of the memories remain the same
- hardware only kit - no software update is needed
- easy plug-in installation or removal

Ordering information:

The Memdoub-1 (for the Island Keyer or Island Memory) costs $7.00.

The Memdoub-2 (for the Super CMOS III keyer) costs $8.00.

In the USA, add $2 shipping/handling (DXers: please inquire to
jacksonharbor@worldnet.att.net for shipping rates outside the USA).

Wisconsin residents add 5.5% sales tax.

Make checks payable to: Jackson Harbor Press.

All orders will ship via First Class mail.

Mail your kit choice along with your check or money order, name, address,
call and email address (in case of a problem) to:

Jackson Harbor Press
N21W1418 Foss Road
RR1, Box 91C
Washington Island, WI 54246-9718

Thank You for your interest.

Best Regards,